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Greater Toluca

Greater Toluca or the Metropolitan Area of Toluca is the conurbation formed by Toluca, as the core city, and 12 adjacent municipalities of the state of Mexico, namely Almoloya de Juarez, Calimaya, Chapultepec, Lerma, Metepec, Mexicaltzingo, Ocoyoacac, Otzolotepec, San Mateo Atenco, Xonacatlan and Zinacantepec. The city of Toluca is just one of several cities/towns that comprise the municipality of Toluca. The municipality of Toluca, in 2005, had a population of around 750 thousand, whereas the population of the entire metropolitan area was 1.6 million, making it the fifth largest metropoli ...

Metropolitan area of Leon

The metropolitan area of Leon is the seventh most populated metropolitan area in Mexico, with nearly 1.609.717 inhabitants. It includes the core city of Leon, Guanajuato, with a population of 1.436.733. The metropolitan area also counts with the municipality of Silao, all situated in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico.

Metropolitan area of Puebla

The Metropolitan area of Puebla or Greater Puebla is the fourth largest agglomeration in Mexico with a population of 2.109 million. This agglomeration includes 10 municipalities of the state of Puebla, and 13 municipalities of the state of Tlaxcala. It does not include the city of Tlaxcala. According to the National Institute of statistics, geography and data processing INEGI, it consists of the following municipalities in the state of Puebla: San Miguel Xoxtla. (Сан-Мигель-Ксостла) Puebla. (Пуэбла) Amozoc. (Амосок) Juan C. Bonilla. (Хуан С. Бонилья) San Andres Cholula. (Сан-Андрес Чолула) ...

Mexico City megalopolis

The Mexico City megalopolis, also known as the Megalopolis of Central Mexico, is a megalopolis containing Greater Mexico City and surrounding metropolitan areas. In 1996, the programa General de Desarollo Urbano del Distrito Federal first proposed the concept of "megalopolis of Central Mexico", which was later expanded by PROAIRE, a Metropolitan Commission on the environment. Megapolis known in Spain as the Circuito de regional cities "regional ring of cities". The megalopolis of Central Mexico includes the Metropolitan areas of Mexico city, Puebla, Cuernavaca, Toluca and Pachuca, which ca ...

Monterrey metropolitan area

The Monterrey metropolitan area refers to the surrounding urban agglomeration of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Officially called Area Metropolitana de la Ciudad de Monterrey or AMM, the metropolitan area is the 3rd-largest such area in Mexico.

Tampico metropolitan area

The Tampico metropolitan area is the third most populous metropolitan area in the state of Tamaulipas, in the country of Mexico. Its in-state metropolitan area of Tamaulipas counts with the municipalities of Tampico, Ciudad Madero, Altamira. On the other hand, the out-of-state municipalities include Pueblo Viejo and Panuco, from the state of Veracruz. The Metropolitan area of Tampico currently has a population of about 864.584.


ⓘ Metropolitan areas of Mexico

  • The metropolitan areas of Mexico have bean traditionally defined as the group of municipalities that heavily interact with each other, usually around a
  • The State of New Mexico has a total of four metropolitan statistical areas MSAs that are fully or partially located in the state. 7 of the state s 33
  • The Albuquerque Metropolitan Statistical Area is a metropolitan area in central New Mexico centered on the city of Albuquerque comprising four counties:
  • Greater Mexico City refers to the conurbation around Mexico City, officially called Valley of Mexico Metropolitan Area Zona Metropolitana del Valle de
  • Borderplex, is one of the six bi - national metropolitan areas along the Mexico U.S border. The city of Reynosa is situated on the Mexican state of Tamaulipas
  • is one of the six bi - national metropolitan areas along the Mexico United States border. The city of Matamoros is situated in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas
  • AMM, the metropolitan area is the 3rd - largest such area in Mexico The Monterrey metropolitan area is composed of the municipalities cities of Apodaca
  • 006 Laredo Nuevo Laredo Metropolitan areas of Mexico Reynosa - McAllen Metropolitan Area Matamoros - Brownsville Metropolitan Area La Zona Metropolitana de
  • Guadalajara metropolitan area officially, in Spanish: Zona Metropolitana de Guadalajara is the most populous metropolitan area of the Mexican state of Jalisco