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Earth pyramids of Platten

The earth pyramids of Platten are earth pyramids located in Platten in the municipality of Percha, near Bruneck in South Tyrol, Italy. The erosion area is located at an altitude of 1550 to 1750 meters. What is so impressive about the pyramids of Platten is their wildness which reminds at the same time also of their fragility. The pyramids of Platten belong to the most beautiful natural monuments of South Tyrol such as the earth pyramids of Ritten and part of the earth pyramids of South Tyrol. They were described in a scientific manner for the first time by Karl Meusburger in 1914.

Earth pyramids of Ritten

The earth pyramids of Ritten are a natural monument that is located on the Ritten, a plateau not far from Bolzano in northern Italy. The earth pyramids of South Tyrol are a fairly widespread phenomenon which are existing in various locations. The original name in this area for these earth pyramids is Lahnturme, i.e. landslide towers. They are rather unusual formations of their kind which originate from morainic rocks of glacial origin. The columns of the pyramids may be more or less elongated, and the higher they are the thinner they get, ending usually with a stone cover. These earth pyra ...

Earth pyramids of South Tyrol

The earth pyramids in South Tyrol are a special natural phenomenon that comes about in particular terrain, usually after a landslide or an unhinging of the earth. The main cause of the formation of earth pyramids is the continuous alternation of periods of torrential rain and drought. These phenomena, in particularly friable terrain, over the years, increasingly erode the ground and form such earth pyramids. Usually the pyramids are formed in terrain very well sheltered from wind so that they cannot be damaged by it. Moreover, the life of the earth pyramids is strongly dependent on the cli ...


The Bliha is a river in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a left tributary of the Sana river, located in region of Bosanska Krajina, on Sanski Most municipality territory and town vicinity.

Bliha Falls

The Bliha Falls, called by locals Blihin Skok, is a waterfall on the Bliha river located near Fajtovci, 14 kilometers west of Sanski Most, Bosnia and Herzegovina. At this point, the water of the Bliha drops from 56 meters high cliff. It is designated a natural monument since 1965.

Ekeby oak tree

The Ekeby oak tree is an oak tree in Ekero outside Stockholm, Sweden, close to Ekebyhov Castle. It is the largest living deciduous tree in Sweden by volume. The Ekeby oak is approximately 500 years old. It was declared a natural monument in 1956. There are many old trees around Ekebyhov Castle; the oak, sometimes called Ekerojatten the Ekero giant stands alone in a field south of the castle, where it had no competition for space from other trees. It was measured in 2008 as the largest tree by volume in Sweden.

List of natural monuments in Nepal

The Natural Monuments of Nepal includes mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, national parks, wildlife reserves, bird sanctuary, land terraces and flood way. The Nepal Nature Conservation Act 1982 was made to protect and develop the Natural Monuments of Nepal. The monument list below is populated using the authentic information at Ministry of Forests and Environment.

Playa de Gulpiyuri

Playa de Gulpiyuri is a flooded sinkhole with an inland beach located near Llanes, in Asturias Northern Spain, around 100 m from the Cantabrian Sea. Roughly 40 meters in length, it is fully tidal due to a series of tunnels carved by the salt water of the Cantabrian Sea which allows water from the Bay of Biscay to create small waves. The word Gulpiyuri’ means water circle’. Unlike from many other hidden beaches around the world, Playa de Gulpiyuri is actually fully tidal and even has waves bathing the small strip of sand. The crystal clear water is a little cold, because of remaining underg ...

Relic woods

Contains two areas: 1.22 metres high vegetation, consists of linden near 90% and birch near 10% trees. The store of woodpulp are 310 cube metres at 1 hectare. Square: 48.8 hectares. 2.23 metres high vegetation, consists of linden near 90% and birch near 10% trees. The store of woodpulp are 380 cube metres at 1 hectare. Square: 11.3 hectares. Another rocks: maple, filbert. All manage works are prohibited with the aim to save value vegetation. Researching and scientific work is not conducing.