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Hnusťa is a town and municipality in the Rimavska Sobota District of the Banska Bystrica Region of southern Slovakia. It is the birthplace of the well-known 19th-century Slovak writer and member of the Stur generation, Jan Francisci-Rimavsky. He ...


The oldest archaeological findings are from the Neolithic, and there are findings from the Bronze Age, Iron Age and the Roman time. The town was first mentioned in 1205 as Wywar, meaning "New Castle". The Arpad dynasty built a stone castle after ...


The town lies in the Revucka vrchovina highlands at the border of the Slovak Ore Mountains and Slovak Karst, in the valley of the Muran river, at an altitude of around 258 m. It is located by road around 10 km 6.21 mi from Revuca, 100 km 62.14 mi ...

Kralovsky Chlmec

Kralovsky Chlmec is a town in the Trebisov District in the Kosice Region of south-eastern Slovakia. It has a population of around 7.500.

Krasno nad Kysucou

Krasno nad Kysucou is a town in the Čadca District, Zilina Region, north-western Slovakia. Krasno nad Kysucou is the youngest town in Slovakia. It is an industrial town known for its forest industry. It is the third biggest town in Kysuce Region ...


Kremnica is a town in central Slovakia. It has around 5.300 inhabitants. The well-preserved medieval town built above important gold mines is the site of the oldest still-working mint in the world.


Krompachy is a town in Slovakia, with a rich mining and metallurgical history, well-known both in Slovakia and in its close neighboring countries for its Plejsy ski center.


Levice is a town in western Slovakia. The town lies on the left bank of the lower Hron river. The Old Slavic name of the town was Leva, which means "the Left One". The city is located in the North-Eastern part of the Danube lowland, the Danubian ...


Lucenec, German: Lizenz, Hungarian: Losonc, Yiddish: לאשאנץ ‎, Latin: Lutetia Hungarorum) is a town in the Banska Bystrica Region of south-central Slovakia. Historically, it was part, and in the 18th century the capital, of Nograd County of the K ...


Malacky is a town and municipality in western Slovakia around 35 kilometres north from capital Bratislava. From the second half of the 10th century until 1918, it was part of the Kingdom of Hungary. This is one of the centers of the region "záhor ...

Martin, Slovakia

Martin is a city in northern Slovakia, situated on the Turiec river, between the Mala Fatra and Velka Fatra mountains, near the city of Zilina. The population numbers approximately 54.000, which makes it the ninth-largest city in Slovakia. It is ...


Medzev, also known as Metzenseifen is a town and large municipality in Kosice-okolie District in the Kosice Region of eastern Slovakia. It is one of several towns in Bodva Valley. Other towns in Bodva Valley include: Jasov, Lucia Bania, Vysny Med ...

Moldava nad Bodvou

Moldava nad Bodvou) is a town and municipality in Kosice-okolie District in the Kosice Region of eastern Slovakia.

Nova Bana

Nova Bana is a small town in the west of central Slovakia and the largest town of the Zarnovica District, located in the Banska Bystrica Region.


Pezinok is a city in southwestern Slovakia. It is roughly 20 km northeast of Bratislava and, as of December 2018, had a population of 23.002. Pezinok lies near the little Carpathians and thrives mainly on viticulture and agriculture, as well as o ...


Originally Podoliniec belonged to Poland and was part of the Ziema Sadecka land. The first written record of Podolinec dates from 1235 and is included in the Krakow Bishop complaint to the Pope regarding the Hungarian clergy, illegally collecting ...


Poprad is a city in northern Slovakia at the foot of the High Tatra Mountains, famous for its picturesque historic centre and as a holiday resort. It is the biggest town of the Spis region and the tenth largest city in Slovakia, with a population ...

Povazska Bystrica

Povazska Bystrica, German: Waagbistritz, Hungarian: Vagbeszterce) is a town in northwestern Slovakia. It is located on the Vah river, around 30 km from the city of Zilina. It belongs to Upper Vah region of tourism.


Presov, Hungarian: Eperjes, German: Eperies, Preschau, Ukrainian: Пряшів/Priashiv) is a city in Eastern Slovakia. It is a seat of the administrative Presov Region and Saris as well as the historic Szepes County of the Kingdom of Hungary. With a p ...


Prievidza, Hungarian: Privigye, German: Priwitz) is a city in the central-western Slovakia. With approximately 46.000 inhabitants it is the second biggest municipality in the Trencin Region and 11th largest city in Slovakia generally.


It is located on the main train line between Bratislava and Kosice. It is half way between Trencin and Zilina, two major Slovak cities, approximately 30 minutes train from both cities. The váh river crosses púchov, and there is a small dam open t ...


The name is of Slovak origin and was initially a name of stream Revuca "Roaring". The same names can be found also in Liptov Liptovske Revuce formerly Revuca and the river Revuca.

Rimavska Sobota

Rimavska Sobota, Hungarian: Rimaszombat, German: GroSsteffelsdorf) is a town in southern Slovakia, in the Banska Bystrica Region, on the Rimava river. It has approximately 24.000 inhabitants. The town is a historical capital of the Malohont, Geme ...


Ruzomberok, German: Rosenberg, Hungarian: Rozsahegy, Polish: Ruzomberk) is a town in northern Slovakia, in the historical Liptov region. It has a population of around 27.000 inhabitants.


Sabinov is a small town located in the Presov Region, approximately 20 km from Presov and 55 km from Kosice. The population of Sabinov is 12.700.


The name is derived from a patron saint of a local church Sancta Maria, mentioned for the first time as villa Sancti Marie 1285. Todays name is an adaptation of the original name: Zent Maria – Samaria – Somoria – Samorin.


The town was first mentioned in year 1255 on the list of king Bela IV of Hungary. In 1494, a Roman Catholic church was built in the Gothic architecture style. Since the 15th century, there was gradual development of trade, including markets with ...

Senec, Slovakia

Senec is a town in the Bratislava Region of south-western Slovakia. It is a well known summer tourism and recreation center. The town is attractive not only because of the proximity of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, but also because of the ...


Senica is a town in Trnava Region, western Slovakia. It is located in the north-eastern part of the Zahorie lowland, close to the Little Carpathians.


Skalica is the largest town in Skalica District in western Slovakia in the Zahorie region. Located near the Czech border, Skalica has a population of around 15.000.


It is located on the Danubian Lowland, in the region known as Dolne Povazie Lower Vah region on the Dudvah river, around 45 km east of Slovak capital Bratislava and 8 km from district seat Galanta.


Snina is a town in Slovakia located at the confluence of the Cirocha river and the small river Pcolinka in the valley between the Beskydy foothills and the Vihorlat Mountains. It is the closest town with rail and bus connections to Poloniny Natio ...


Sobrance is a town in Kosice Region, Slovakia, around 15 kilometres from Uzhhorod, Ukraine, and 22 kilometres east of Michalovce. Located in the Eastern Slovak Lowland not far from the Vihorlat Mountains, it is the easternmost town in Slovakia.


Sol is a village and municipality in Vranov nad Toplou District in the Presov Region of eastern Slovakia. It is one of the oldest villages in eastern Slovakia.

Spisska Nova Ves

Spisska Nova Ves. Tourist attractions include the medieval town of Levoca, Spis castle and Slovak Paradise national Park. Biennial music festival, the Music show takes place here, attracting Amateur musical ensembles from all over Slovakia.

Spisske Vlachy

Spisske Vlachy is a town in eastern Slovakia. It is in the Spis region. It is now administratively in the district of Spisska Nova Ves, which is part of the Kosice Region. The adjective "Spisske" is used to distinguish it from 6 other towns liste ...

Stara Ľubovna

Stara Ľubovna is a town with approximately 16.000 inhabitants in northeastern Slovakia. The town consists of the districts Podsadek and Stara Ľubovna.


Strazske, Hungarian: Ormezo) is a small town and municipality in Michalovce District in the Kosice Region of eastern Slovakia. It is located in the most northern part of Michalovce District.


Stropkov is an economical, social and cultural centre of north Zemplin. It was established on left bank of river Ondava in a scenic central part of the Ondava uplands. For its origins as an ancient Slovak settlement we have to look back and many ...

Stupava, Malacky District

The name is derived from Proto-Slavic stǫpa Slovak: stupa - a wooden bowl carved from a tree trunk, but also the name of various crushing and pressing tools.


Surany is a town and a railroad hub in the Nove Zamky District, Nitra Region, southern Slovakia. Along with the main settlement regions Kostolny SEK hrádok and Nitra as annexed in 1976.


Tisovec is situated in the valley of the river Rimava, at the foots of the Muranska planina plateau. The landscape there gives the impression of a small town in the mountains. Some other towns close to it are Brezno, Hnusťa and Revuca.


In historical records the town was first mentioned in 1075 as Talmach. It has town status since 1986. From 1986 to 1994 the villages of Male Kozmalovce and Velke Kozmalovce were part of the town.


Topolcany, Slovak: Velke Topolcany before 1920, Hungarian: Nagytapolcsany) is a town in the Nitra Region of Slovakia. The population is around 25.000. The towns population is nicknamed Zochari. Of the Nitra river flows through a wide valley betwe ...


Trebisov is a small industrial town in the easternmost part of Slovakia, with a population of around 25.000. The town is an administrative, economic and cultural center with machine and building materials industries.


Trstena is situated on the Orava River at the Orava reservoir in the Slovak part of the Orava valley, approximately 6 kilometres 4 miles south of the Polish border. Its elevation is 607 m 1.991 ft. Trstena is surrounded by fields, hills, dense fo ...

Velke Kapusany

Velke Kapusany is a small town on the eastern plains of Slovakia, not far from the Ukrainian border.

Velky Krtis

Velky Krtis is a town in southern Slovakia, situated in the historical Novohrad region. The towns most important economic sectors are mining and agriculture.

Vranov nad Toplou

Vranov nad Toplou nel / Vronau an der Topl, Hungarian: Varanno, Rusyn: Воронів над Топлёв) is a city of approximately 22.500 inhabitants in eastern Slovakia, situated near Kosice and Presov, and between the Topla River and the Ondava River. Detai ...


Vrbove, Hungarian: Verbo) is a town in the Trnava Region of Slovakia. It has a population of about 6.000. The town lies around 8 km northwest from Piesťany.