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Prelog, Croatia

Prelog is a city in Medimurje County, in northern Croatia. The total population of the city is 7.815. The town of Prelog is located in the southern part of the County of Medimurje, on the banks of river Drava and lake Dubrava, a reservoir on the ...


Samobor is located west of Zagreb, between the eastern slopes of the Samobor hills Croatian: Samoborsko gorje, the eastern part of Zumberak Mountains, in the Sava River valley. It is part of the historical region of Croatia proper.


Senj is a town on the upper Adriatic coast in Croatia, in the foothills of the Mala Kapela and Velebit mountains. The symbol of the town is the Nehaj fortress in Croatian: Tvrdava Nehaj which was completed in 1558. At that time it was a place Usk ...


Sinj is a town in the continental part of Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia. The town itself has a population of 11.478 and the population of the administrative municipality, which includes surrounding villages, is 24.826.


Skradin is a small town in the Sibenik-Knin County of Croatia, with a population of 3.825. It is located near the Krka river and at the entrance to the Krka National Park, 17 km from Sibenik and 100 km from Split. The main attraction of the park, ...

Slatina, Croatia

Slatina is a town in the Slavonia region of Croatia. It is located in the Virovitica-Podravina County, at the contact of the Drava valley and the foothills of Papuk mountain, in the central part of the region of Podravina, 29 km southeast of Viro ...


Slunj is a town in the mountainous part of Central Croatia, located along the important North-South route to the Adriatic Sea between Karlovac and Plitvice Lakes National Park, on the meeting of the rivers Korana and Slunjcica. Slunj has a popula ...

Sveta Nedelja, Zagreb County

Sveta Nedelja is a town in Zagreb County, Croatia. It is one of the provincial satellite towns in Zagrebs metropolitan region.

Sveti Ivan Zelina

Sveti Ivan Zelina is north-east from Zagreb, connected: 27 km 17 mi by A4 highway Zagreb - Sv.Helena, then state road Sv.Helena - Sveti Ivan Zelina.


Trilj is a municipality and town in inland Dalmatia, Croatia. It is located northeast of Split. The total population of the municipality is 9.109, with 2.076 in Trilj itself and the rest in small villages. The list of settlements is as follows:

Vodice, Croatia

Vodice is a town in the Sibenik-Knin County, Croatia. It borders the Adriatic Sea and has a population of 8.875.


The town of Vrbovec lies to the north-east of Zagreb, either 32 km 20 mi along the highway A4 Zagreb - Sv.Helena, and then D10 expressway Sv. Helena - Vrbovec or 40 km 25 mi by the old state road, Zagreb - Dugo Selo - Bjelovar, and by train throu ...


Vrbovsko is a town in western Croatia, situated at the far east of the mountainous region of Gorski Kotar in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, on its 280 square kilometers area, Vrbovsko features 60 settlements and a total of 5.076 inhabitants. T ...


Vrgorac is a town in Croatia in the Split-Dalmatia County. The total population of Vrgorac is 6.572 census 2011 in the following locations: In the 2011 census, 99% of the population were Croats.


Vrlika is a small town in inland Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia. The closest large towns are Sinj, Knin, and Drnis. Vrlika was given the status of town in 1997. Vrlika is an underdeveloped municipality which is statistically classified as the Fir ...


Zabok is a town and municipality situated in northwest Croatia in the Krapina-Zagorje County. It has a total population of 8.994. Zabok is situated on the main crossroads in the heart of Hrvatsko zagorje region. Zabok is the economical centre of ...

Zlatar, Croatia

Zlatar is a town and municipality in Krapina-Zagorje County in Croatia. In the 2011 census, there were 6.096 inhabitants in the following settlements: In the 2011 census, the absolute majority were Croats.

Bjelovar-Bilogora County

Bjelovar-Bilogora County is a county in central Croatia. In the centre of the city of Bjelovar was first mentioned in 1413, and it only gained importance when a new Fort was built in 1756 to protect from attacks by the Ottoman Empire. The city wa ...

Brod-Posavina County

Brod-Posavina County is the southern Slavonian county in Croatia. Its center is the city of Slavonski Brod and it spreads along the left bank of the Sava river, hence the name Posavina. Other notable towns include Nova Gradiska.

Karlovac County

Karlovac County is a county in central Croatia, with the administrative center in Karlovac. The city of Karlovac is another Fort from the times of the military frontier. It was built as a six-side star Fort in the 16th century at the confluence o ...

Koprivnica-Krizevci County

Koprivnica-Krizevci County is a county in northern Croatia. Its hyphenated name comes from two entities: the two of its largest cities, Koprivnica and Krizevci. Koprivnica is the official capital of the County. It was first mentioned in 1272 in a ...

Krapina-Zagorje County

Krapina-Zagorje County is a county in northern Croatia, bordering Slovenia. It encompasses most of the historic region called Hrvatsko Zagorje. The scope includes excavation of the 100.000-year-old Neanderthal man in caves near the Central town o ...

Lika-Senj County

Lika-Senj County is a county in Croatia that includes most of the Lika region and some northern coastline of the Adriatic near the town of Senj, including the northern part of the Pag island. Its center is Gospic. The County is the least populate ...

Medimurje County

Medimurje County is a triangle-shaped county in the northernmost part of Croatia, roughly corresponding to the historical and geographical region of Medimurje. Despite being the smallest Croatian county by size, it is the most densely populated o ...

Pozega-Slavonia County

Pozega-Slavonia County is a Croatian county in western Slavonia. Its capital is Pozega. Its population was 78.034 as of the 2011 census. Together with the city of Zagreb and Bjelovar-Bilogora County, it is one of three Croatian counties which do ...

Primorje-Gorski Kotar County

Primorje-Gorski Kotar County is a county in western Croatia that includes the Bay of Kvarner, the surrounding Northern Croatian Littoral, and the mountainous region of Gorski kotar. Its center is Rijeka. The countys population was 315.000 in the ...

Sibenik-Knin County

Sibenik-Knin County is a county in southern Croatia, located in the north-central part of Dalmatia. The biggest city in the county is Sibenik, which also serves as county seat. Other notable towns in the county are Knin, Drnis and Skradin. The Co ...

Sisak-Moslavina County

Sisak-Moslavina County is a Croatian county in eastern Central Croatia and southwestern Slavonia. It is named after the city of Sisak and the region Moslavina just across the river Sava. According to 2011 census it is inhabited by 172.000 people. ...

Split-Dalmatia County

Split-Dalmatia County is the central-southern Dalmatian county in Croatia. The administrative center is Split. The population of the county is 455.242. The land area is 4540 km 2. Physically, County is divided into three main parts: an elevated D ...

Varazdin County

The county contains the city of Varazdin, the towns of: Ivanec, Ludbreg, Lepoglava, Novi Marof and Varazdinske Toplice, as well as 22 municipalities. It covers an area of 1.262 square kilometres 487 sq mi and had a population of 175.951 in the 20 ...

Virovitica-Podravina County

Virovitica-Podravina County is a northern Slavonian county in Croatia. Its county seat is in Virovitica and it includes the area around the Drava river, hence the name Podravina. Other notable towns are Slatina and Orahovica.

Zadar County

Zadar County is a county in Croatia, it encompasses northern Dalmatia and southeastern Lika. Its center is the city of Zadar.

Artemisa Province

Artemisa Province is one of the two new provinces created from the former La Habana Province, whose creation was approved by the Cuban National Assembly on August 1, 2010, the other being Mayabeque Province. The new provinces were enforced on Jan ...

Guantanamo Province

Guantanamo is the easternmost province of Cuba. Its capital is also called Guantanamo. Other towns include Baracoa. The province has the only land border of the U.S. Navy base at Guantanamo Bay.

La Habana Province

La Habana Province or formerly known as Ciudad de La Habana Province, is a province of Cuba, that includes the territory of the city of Havana, capital of the Republic. Between 1976 and 2010, the province covered a much more extensive area, inclu ...

Mayabeque Province

Mayabeque Province is one of two new provinces created from the former La Habana Province, whose creation was approved by the Cuban National Assembly on August 1, 2010, the other being Artemisa Province. The new provinces were enforced on January ...

Ali Sabieh Region

Ali Sabieh Region is a region in southern Djibouti. With a mainland area of 2.400 square kilometres, it lies along the national border with Somalia and Ethiopia, bordering also the Dikhil Region to the west and the Arta Region to the north. Its c ...

Arta Region

Arta Region is one of the six regions of Djibouti. It is situated in the south-central of the country, bordering the Tadjoura Region to the north, and the Djibouti Region to the north-east, and Dikhil Region the Ali Sabieh Region to the south, th ...

Dikhil Region

The Dikhil Region is a region in southern Djibouti. It is bordered by the Regions of Tadjoura to the north, Arta to the northeast, Ali Sabieh to the east. To the west and south, it has a long line with the Djibouti-Ethiopia border adjacent to the ...

Obock Region

The Obock Region is a region in northern Djibouti. It has a land area of 4.700 square kilometres, and had a population of 37.856 in 2009.

Tadjourah Region

The Tadjourah Region is a region in north-central Djibouti, the largest of its six regions. With its capital at Tadjourah, it has an area of 7.100 square kilometres. The region has active salt and fisheries industries, and is served by the Tadjou ...


The Cibao, usually referred as "El Cibao", is a region of the Dominican Republic located at the northern part of the country. As of 2009 the Cibao has a population of 5.622.378 making it the most populous region in the country.

Alas Administrative Post

Alas Administrative Post lies in the centre of Manufahi District, which lies in the centre of Manufahi District, and is divided into five sucos: Aituha, Dotik, Mahaquidan, Taitudac und Uma Berloic. The southern Laclo, which is the largest river i ...

Aileu Municipality

Aileu is a municipality, and was formerly a district, of East Timor. It has a population of 48.554 and an area of 737 km². The municipalitys capital is also named Aileu. Its administrative posts are Aileu, Laulara, Lequidoe and Remexio.

Ainaro Municipality

Ainaro is one of 13 municipalities of East Timor, in the southwest part of the country. It has a population of 59.175 and an area of 804 km². Its capital is the city of Ainaro, a small mountain town.

Baucau Municipality

Baucau is a municipality, and was formerly a district, of East Timor, on the northern coast in the eastern part of the country. The capital is also called Baucau. The population of the municipality is 111.694 and it has an area of 1.506 km².

Bobonaro Municipality

Bobonaro Municipality is a municipality in the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste commonly known as East Timor. It is the second-most western municipality on the east half of the island. It has a population of 92.045 and an area of 1.376 km².

Dili Municipality

Dili is one of the 13 municipalities, formerly districts, of Timor-Leste, which includes the national capital Dili. It had a population of 277.279 as of 2015, most of whom live in the capital city. The municipality has an area of 368.12 km 2. The ...

Ermera Municipality

Ermera is one of the municipalities of East Timor, located in the west-central part of the country. It has a population of 117.064 and an area of 746 km².

Lautem Municipality

Lautem is one of the municipalities of East Timor, on the eastern end of the island of Timor. It has a population of 64.135 and an area of 1.813 km². Its capital is Lospalos, which lies 248 km east of the national capital, Dili.