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Benjamin Kapp

Benjamin "Benny" Kapp is a German curler. At the international level, he is a 2019 World Mixed Curling Championship silver medallist.

Neil McNeil (businessman)

Neil McNeil was a prominent Australian businessman who was significant in the development of railways across Australia along with Western Australias timber industry. McNeil was born in the Scottish town of Dingwall as the second son of Neil MacNe ...

Kleefeld, Manitoba

Kleefeld is a small community in the Rural Municipality of Hanover in the Canadian province of Manitoba. It was settled in the 1874 and was originally called Gruenfeld.

Glasfabrik Lamberts

Glasfabrik Lamberts was established in 1887 by Laurenz Lamberts and is managed by the fourth generation of the family to the present day. The Glashutte is the only independent glass factory in the world to produce all four types of cast glass. LA ...

Volker Ullrich (politician)

Volker Ullrich is a German politician. Born in Illertissen, Bavaria, he represents the CDU. Volker Ullrich has served as a member of the Bundestag from the state of Bavaria since 2013.

Johannes A. Jehle

Johannes A. Jehle is a German scientist for insect virology, and plant protection. The focus of his research is the use of microorganisms and viruses for biological control of insect pests and the development of sustainable methods for plant prot ...

Beate Walter-Rosenheimer

Beate Walter-Rosenheimer is a German politician. Born in WeiSenburg, Bavaria, she represents the Alliance 90/The Greens. Beate Walter-Rosenheimer has served as a member of the Bundestag from the state of Bavaria since 2012.

Bahar Yilmaz

Yilmaz grew up with her sisters in Ingolstadt. Her parents are from Turkey. Trained at various spiritual schools, Yilmaz worked after graduation, among other things, as a sensitive and media consultant.

Bernhard Loos

Bernhard Loos is a German politician. Born in Kaufbeuren, Bavaria, he represents the CDU. Bernhard Loos has served as a member of the Bundestag from the state of Bavaria since 2017.

Johann Baptist Sigl

Johann Baptist Sigl was a Bavarian journalist, publicist and politician. He was a co-founder of the Bavarian Peasants League and a member of the Reichstag and the Landtag of Bavaria. He also founded the Catholic-Bavarian newspaper Das Bayerische ...

Thecla (disambiguation)

Thecla, Tecla, or its variants is a Greek feminine given name made famous by Saint Thecla, a 1st-century Christian martyr. It may also refer to:

Kurt Hasse (cinematographer)

Kurt Hasse was a German cinematographer. Having started out as an assistant cameraman during the Nazi era, he was mainly active in postwar West German cinema and later in television.

Edith Raim

Edith Raim is a German historian who studies the Nazi era. She grew up in Landsberg am Lech and first became interested in the topic after watching Holocaust as a child. Her 1991 dissertation at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich was titled D ...

Nicole Bauer

Nicole Bauer is a German politician. Born in Vilsbiburg, Bavaria, she represents the Free Democratic Party. Bauer has served as a member of the Bundestag from the state of Bavaria since 2017.

Manvydas family

Manvydai was a small but influential 15th-century noble family in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Most prominent members of the family were brothers Albertas Manvydas and Jurgis Gedgaudas and their sons Jonas Manvydas and Petras Gedgaudas. The fami ...


Sendling-Westpark is located south west of Munich and expands into the North/South extension from the 8th borough Schwanthalerhohe as far as Obersendling Thalkirchen-Obersendling-Forstenried-Furstenried-Solln. The eastern border contains the S-Ba ...

Carl Burckhardt (sculptor)

Carl Nathanael Burckhardt was a Swiss painter and sculptor. Although a modernist, his choice of subject matter was Neoclassically inspired.

Hanoch Gutfreund

Hanoch Gutfreund is the Andre Aisenstadt Chair in theoretical physics and was the president at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Prior to his presidency, he was a professor at the university.

Birgit Lodes

Born in Marktredwitz, Lodes grew up in Bayreuth. In 1986 she was accepted into the Maximilianeum Foundation Wittelsbacher Jubilaumsstiftung. From 1986 to 1991 she studied music for the teaching profession at grammar schools with piano and violonc ...

Wolfgang Schleidt

Wolfgang M. Schleidt is an Austrian Scientist in the area of bioacoustics, communication and "classical ethology". He was assistant to Konrad Lorenz, professor of zoology, University of Maryland and director at the Konrad Lorenz Institut for Etho ...

Haus zur goldenen Waage

The Haus zur Goldenen Waage was a medieval half-timbered house in the old town of Frankfurt am Main, which was destroyed in the air raid on March 22, 1944. Because of its high architectural and historic value, it was one of the most famous sights ...

Franz Xaver Lederle

Franz Xaver Lederle is a German cinematographer. He shot several entries in the Jerry Cotton series of films for Constantin Film during the 1960s.

Frank Clifford (producer)

Frank Clifford was a German film producer. He was involved in early attempts to pioneer sound film production in Europe, directing the short film Paganini in Venice for Tobis Film. During the early 1930s he worked at the Epinay Studios in Paris, ...

Munich gravel plain

The Munich gravel plain is an Outwash plain in Upper Bavaria, Germany, formed during Late Pleistocene glacial periods. Characterized by its very wide extension, it comprises sandur terraces and the floodplain of the Isar river. These most recent ...


Originally its own independent locality, Laim was in existence before Munich. It was first documented between 1047 and 1053 as loco leima in Leim village. The municipality was formed in 1818 and consolidated into Munich on 1 January 1900. At that ...


Located in the south-west of Munich, Haderns borders are the Autobahn Munich-Garmish in the south, Furstenriederstrasse in the east and Senftenauerstrasse in the north and also the south. A large part of the borough is occupied by the Waldfriedho ...


Au-Haidhausen is the 5th borough of the German city of Munich, Bavaria. It is formed by the Au and Haidhausen districts.

Blitz Club

The clubs opening event on 22 April 2017 made headlines throughout Germany. In the weeks before the opening, extensive coverage by the media had created a hype, which led to a huge rush of people on the Museumsinsel island on the opening day. Ins ...

Lukas Kohler

Lukas Kohler is a German politician. Born in Munchen, Bavaria, he represents the Free Democratic Party. Lukas Kohler has served as a member of the Bundestag from the state of Bavaria since 2017.


There are significant lead deposits in the area of Janjgir. Most of the citys workforce is involved in the agriculture industry or in rice or flour milling. There is also some presence of a chemical industry.

Sadia Khatri

Sadia Khatri is a Pakistani writer, photographer, and feminist based in Karachi. She has worked as a journalist at Dawn and The Kathmandu Post, and as a reportage editor with Papercuts Magazine. Khatri is also one of the founders of the feminist ...

Thabiso Sekgala

Thabiso Sekgala was a South African photographer. His work was about "land, peoples’ movement, identity and the notion of home". Sekgalas photography was published in a book, Paradise and exhibited posthumously at the Hayward Gallery in London.

Daniel Stefanovski

Daniel Stefanovski is a Swiss-Macedonian professional kickboxer. He is a former SUPERKOMBAT Light Heavyweight Champion. Stefanovski is currently signed to the Dynamite Fighting Show and competes in their light heavyweight division.

Transportation in Markham, Ontario

The city of Markham in Ontario, Canada, offers a complex transportation infrastructure. These include airports, highways, public transit, regional roads, municipality-funded roads, and train services.

List of municipal roads in Markham, Ontario

While most major roads in Markham, Ontario are funded by the York Regional government, some of the main roads are funded by the Markham government. These roads are named as municipal roads. These municipal roads are served for motorists to travel ...

Verena Osgyan

Verena Osgyan is a German politician. She is Member of the Bavarian Landtag and vice-chairwoman of her party.

Manfred H. Grieb

Manfred H. Grieb what a German entrepreneur and art collector as well as the editor of the Nurnberger Kunstlerlexikon.

Joze Slibar

On 24 February 1961 he set the ski jumping world record at Oberstdorf, West Germany, which he held and shared for the next three years together with Peter Lesser and Kjell Sjoberg. It was Yugoslav record until 1969. His best performance at Four H ...

Janis Morweiser

Janis Morweiser is a retired German Nordic combined skier. He competed at the 2009, 2010 and 2011 Junior World Championships. His best event was 2010 by far, as he won individual silver and bronze medals and a team gold medal. He made his Contine ...

Paul Lehrieder

Paul Lehrieder is a German politician. Born in Ochsenfurt, Bavaria, he represents the CDU. Paul Lehrieder has served as a member of the Bundestag from the state of Bavaria since 2005.

Paul Clark (composer)

Clark co-founded Clod Ensemble with director Suzy Willson in London in 1995. He has co-created all the company’s productions to date and written critically acclaimed scores for each - ranging from totally acoustic works, to multi speaker installa ...


In the year 1125, it was mentioned for the first time in a documentary as "Novenkirchen". At that time Gallneukirchen was just a market. Originally lying in the East part of the duchy of Bavaria Germany, in the 12th century it belonged to the duc ...

Albert of Saxe-Wittenberg

Albert of Saxe-Wittenberg may refer to: Albert, Count of Anhalt died 1329, son of Rudolf I, Duke of Saxe-Wittenberg Albert II, Duke of Saxe-Wittenberg 1250–1298, first duke of Saxe-Wittenberg after its definite division from the Duchy of Saxony i ...

Tenna, Switzerland

Tenna is a former municipality in the district of Surselva in the canton of Graubunden in Switzerland. The municipalities of Valendas, Versam, Safien and Tenna merged on 1 January 2013 into the new municipality of Safiental.


Pope Valentine died 827, Pope of the Catholic Church Valentine writer, pseudonym of Archibald Thomas Pechey Valentine of Passau died 475, Italian saint Saint Valentine died 269, the saint that the feast day is named after

Gisela Mashayekhi-Beer

Gisela Mashayekhi-Beer is an Austrian flautist and professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna as well as lecturer at the Joseph-Haydn-Konservatorium des Landes Burgenland.

Aschach an der Donau

Aschach lies in the Danube Valley, on the edge of the Eferding Basin in the Hausruckviertel. About 2 percent of the area is forested. Subdivisions are: Aschach an der Donau center, Ruprechting, and Sommerberg.

Neurum, Queensland

Neurum is 65 kilometres 40 mi north of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. The northern boundary is marked by the Stanley River. The eastern boundary is naturally vegetated and elevated along a ridge which peaks at Neurum Mountain which lies wit ...


Proof of concept, development Pirates of the Caribbean, in movies Percentage-of-completion method, a work-in-progress evaluation Production office coordinator, in film and television production Point of contact, in an organization Paid outside cl ...

Sankt Veit in der Sudsteiermark

Sankt Veit in der Sudsteiermark is a municipality since 2015 in the Leibnitz District of Styria, Austria. The population was 4.069 residents. The municipality, Sankt Veit in der Sudsteiermark, was created as part of the Styria municipal structura ...